10 Secrets To Baking Perfect Cakes

Are you ready to make a cake that tastes as delicious as it looks?  Do you dream of cutting into a cake that makes your mouth water before you take the first bite. Do you want to make your guests just a wee bit jealous that you make something oh, so scrumptious. 

It may be time to throw away the box and embrace baking from scratch. I know, GASP, from scratch, but you actually might enjoy it. And once you know just a few secrets you'll be making cakes that Martha herself may call you for the recipe.

At Cooking Light, they're always coming up with delicious ways to make things a little better.

Secret 1 ... Start with a good bowl

Secret 5 ... Says you weigh flour ... don't measure it, I had no idea. 

Learn more secrets when you visit Cooking Light  


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