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$ 33.90 $ 61.90

The only stone sharpening system you’ll ever need!  DESIGNED FOR HOME USE – Since ancient times, a stone has been the preferred method of getting a very sharp and lasting edge. Now Love This Kitchen brings you a new affordable kit that has all y... Read More

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The only stone sharpening system you’ll ever need! 

Features 800 / 3000 grit wet stones for honing and polishing kitchen knives, scissors and tools to razor-sharp perfection.

Did you know the most dangerous knife in the kitchen is a dull one? Keep those blades performing at their best with the Love This Kitchen Professional Stone Sharpening Kit! 

This dual-stone system includes an 800 grit stone capable of restoring the dullest blade to a sharp, straight cutting edge. Then, the 3000 grit stone hones and polishes that edge to astounding sharpness. 

Our long-lasting stones are 40% LARGER than other brands, so you’ll need less time and effort to get the same results. And no messy oil needed—just add water! 

We’ve even included a CLEANING / LAPPING STONE to help keep your stones functioning at peak performance.

This kit features an EXCLUSIVE, PATENTED dual base design: use it flat if you’ve mastered the right sharpening angle OR use it on a 15 degree angle (the basis for a sharp edge), no need for a sharpening guide!

When you’re done sharpening, simply place the wet stones back in their box. It has holes that allow the stones to air dry in storage—no need to leave them out.

Our Professional Stone Sharpening Kit is ideal for pro or home chefs, hunting and outdoor sports enthusiasts & more. Works with larger 10” kitchen, sushi or butcher knives as well as small survival, buck & pen knives. 
Instructions and VIDEO TUTORIAL included!

• Incl. 2 stones (800 / 3000 grit)
• 40% Larger stone size than other brands
• Works with water, no expensive oil needed
• Cleaning / lapping stone included 
• Adjustable Patented base & vented storage box
• Sharpening Video Tutorial Included