About Us


Hi, I’m Valentina (here with my mom, Anahi, currently in charge of our PINK Glove program, to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation -more on that later) , and this is the story of how we got started!

I love cooking for myself and others, but I would always burn myself, and no mitts, pot holders or towels I used were any good. After trying tons of gloves, I realized that everything was too big and difficult to use. I realized that I couldn’t possibly be the only woman in the world with this problem, so I got a team together and with my design background we decided to make better gloves for the good of all cooks out there.

Our gloves got such great reception that we decided to create our awesome multipurpose silicone kitchen tools and, soon after, a grilling gloves alternative for men. Little by little, we discovered that there are many things to tweak and improve in the kitchen, and we’ve grown to become a team with the intention to have you Love This Kitchen.

We define our products as Stylish Modern Cookware and our objective is to take everyday tools and just make them better, functional and more stylish.




We also like helping others:
In July 2015 we partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help provide early detection, education and support services to women affected by breast cancer.

On September 15th we launched our PINK GLOVE initiative with a very special edition PINK women's heat shield glove:



Our purpose is to continue innovating and to bring about six to seven new products to the market in 2017 and thereafter. It doesn't seem like much, but with our dedication to detail, quality and design, it actually takes a lot of time for us to be happy with a final product; a product that deserves to become part of the Love This Kitchen brand. So stay tuned, come back and see us soon!